Monday, February 04, 2008

Applying Oneself

I've been trying to expand my horizons in looking for work. Something at a non-profit or in higher education where I can use my k-12 coordinator skills and step it up to the next level. I'm fairly confident I can do any job I put my mind to, it's convincing other people of that fact.

The problem is that K-12 speaks my language, I don't have to tweak my resume to make the skills I have apply to the position at hand. It's easier but also more constraining. I want to do something different than I had been doing but I want to feel good about my choice of employment. I'm so disgusted with the focus on testing in this state/country that I can't foresee being a testing coordinator or a principal for traditional education system. Alternative Education tends to grow its own, moving folks up through the ranks, much like the COE I worked for did with me.

Today I've applied for jobs as: a section manager in a small bookstore, a research assistant, a counselor at a junior college for students who are most likely the first kids in their families to attend college, the English Language Arts specialist for a small non-profit school, a English Language teacher for a ESL school, and a English teacher at a Junior College.

What I really want to find and I don't know if it exists, is a job in international education, study abroad or ESL that also has a department/school in France (do you see where I'm going with this>>>>?) I'd like to be able to travel between the two countries while still feeling responsible about my retirement, mortgage etc.

Oh and that last job I applied for? Turns out the woman decided not to leave her position, therefore there was no job to be had. Practice, practice, practice.

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