Friday, January 04, 2008


Today there was a crazy storm in the Bay Area. We lost power because the line between our house and the pole snapped and was dangling a foot above the sidewalk in front of our house. Fun. Huge trees blew over, it rained sideways for hours, things in the neighborhood flooded. There hasn't been a storm like this for a long time. Mere lost power too, so mom invited us over to stay. We brought over all our food from the fridge and we all made dinner together. It's giant family sleepover. The power, supposedly, should be fixed and back up tonight, but I highly doubt it.

Now we're watching questionable television: Some guy dropped into the Amazon, eating a gigantic camel spider for lunch. Good god.

Tomorrow we're helping Mere move some stuff into her storage space, helping her get one step closer to selling her house.

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