Saturday, January 05, 2008

It feels like a Sunday

A train is going by.

Spent the morning at my parents' house - power came back on about 10ish last night. I called the house throughout the evening until the answering machine picked up. Around 10 we went over to help Mere move some stuff into her storage space. There was a break in the rain while we loaded and unloaded the stuff and then the clouds opened up as we were driving back. Good timing. The drive home was treacherous, windy and so much rain again. It was great to be home where it was dry and not having to navigate some overly wet road. I did head out later to replenish the things that had spoiled in the fridge and freezer, and to pick up some more vegetables. One of my resolutions was to eat better, and I have so far in this week eaten more vegetables than I ate all last year. I am not exaggerating.

I actually cooked a decent dinner: Steamed salmon with lemon and this delicious parmesan cheese balsamic vinegar cauliflower dish - a recipe I got from a magazine my parents get. It has like 4 ingredients and three steps so I attempted it last night at theirs and made it again tonight. It actually tasted good and I didn't feel sick afterwards. Miracle! K and R turned me onto this cool site called Epicurious, that features delicious-sounding (and from their creation of some of them, delicious-tasting) recipes. I am a little reticent, but I think I'll try a chorizo, shrimp, mushroom thing I saw. It seems do-able and not too scary.

When the kids went to sleep Bryan and I washed our quota of the manipulative toys from the kids' school. We hand-wiped the three large boxes of blocks by hand and did the rest of the plastic-y ones in the tub. Now it's late and my list of 374973987349287 things to do is yet again incomplete. The kids go back to school on Monday and I'll have a couple of hours to get some stuff done then.

I think we're about to watch a skateboarding movie. Or go to bed and read the last three days worth of papers.

Hope you all are staying warm and dry.

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