Monday, January 14, 2008

Family Day

We've been making Sundays, "family day." For the last two weeks we've been taking the kids to the Buddhist Temple near here for the family service. After we've put them through that, then we go and do something fun for them. Sitting still and quiet for 35 minutes is not a favorite activity of four year olds. The first week was a little rough but not horrible, and yesterday was infinitely better. They were certainly wiggly, but they were quieter and caught on that if they needed to tell us something, whispering was a good idea. It's fully unlike anything they've experienced which I think makes it interesting for them.

Last week the fun thing we did was Coyote Point Museum and this week it was a beautiful, sunny day in San Francisco. We gave them a little tour of the places we used to live, Fort Point and then we hit Fisherman's Warf, to smell the stinky seals and look at all the cooked crabs. On our previous visit we only hit some of the highlights of the San Francisco book; we've got a few more to cover: Mission Dolores, Coit Tower, China Town and the museums.

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PonyBoy Press said...

Hello Price-Dickersons,

Just a hello from Portland. I still check in with you on here once in a while. Looks like things are going good. I like this pics! ;-)

Krissy D