Monday, December 03, 2007


Friday night we went to the Paramount Theatre (gorgeous) in Oakland and saw Iron and Wine, thanks to my exceedingly cool UJ and AME. The kids spent the night with my parents and we went to pick them up on Saturday morning. It was a strange feeling being in the house without them. We realized that we haven't seen a band for about two years. When we lived in SLO we were lucky enough to see Calexico and The Strokes at what was the SLO Brew. It's nice to be living in a place where our favorite bands regularly come, so if we do want to go see someone, we won't have to drive 4 hours to do it. Options are nice.

Saturday we went to pick up the kids and then spent the afternoon with S, J, S, and I, our friends from Pacifica. Their kids are superstars and our kids LOVE them. Casual visits with friends is something we've been looking forward to since our move.

Sunday we unpacked all of our art, hung up a bunch of stuff and moved the others back into the office to either be donated or framed or stored for later. It now actually looks like we live here. We're surrounded by all our old stuff. Our bedroom is still lacking wall decoration, but all we do is sleep in there so it's not pressing. Most of the house is put together, but we'll need a large purchase of bookshelves before we can finish it up.

Kids have school today, and I'm the snack mama. Fun (read sarcasm). I need to make a trip to the post office to mail off transcripts, a request for a fleet sticker, and our change of address to the insurance company. I read our friend's blog this morning; she moved to France with her twins the week after we returned, and she seems to be doing well. I'm still wishing I was there, but I know since I'm working toward that in someway now, I can relax about it. It may take a few years, but time passes quickly and we can always make a visit. The kids have year-round school next year which gives us great options for travel.

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