Friday, December 14, 2007


Interviewed today for a job at a small university in SF. Yesterday I fantasized about actually having the job and how I would get there every morning, because there is no way that I will sit in daily traffic to and from. In all, the train trip/bus combo took about an hour and it dropped me off two blocks from the school. It's not directly downtown, more that flatish-North Beachy part, in which I've worked before.

Rumours on Broadway was my first bartending job. It had CRAZY owners, unnecessarily crazy, but I learned about beer (which I dislike) and worked on the "World's Largest Espresso Machine." It had something like eight pulls and was this counter-long, huge marble box. Usually only two of the pulls worked and sometimes only one, but that was when we were really busy, natch. Once I fell from the ground floor through a trap door into the basement and scared the hell out of them. I was not injured.

I also worked the counter at an Italian, family-owned and operated cafe. It kept me really busy and I worked my butt off trying to show what an excellent employee I could be. I learned a ton about Italian pastries, coffee, traditions and every time I pass a box of panettone, I happily remember that place. The old guys used to sit around and smoke, when you still could in a cafe, and talk. I would be buzzing around them, sweeping and smiling. When the matriarch of the family was working she would always make the coffees; she frowned at my giant foaming cappuccino.

Later, much, I worked down the way from there at a single-screen theatre with a gorgeous group of young folks who loved film as much as me. I have my friend DR to thank for that job. Where are you DR?

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