Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In a box day

We're being held hostage by AT&T. A couple of weeks ago, Isaac got hurt at school, and since the school doesn't have a long-distance plan they couldn't reach us on our cell phone to let us know. We're being forced to purchase a land line for such emergencies and we have to wait around all day to do it. It's precisely that sort of b.s. that prevented me from getting the phone line in the first place. Grrrrr.

Happy holiday with the whole family and immediate family. This is family. Today the kids woke up and opened the presents (four new books) that remained under the tree. Now they play with Lincoln Logs and color with new pens on paper.

I'm trying to recapture that hopeful, motivated, uplifted feeling that's been slipping in and out of the periphery. I lack discipline.

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