Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Tree Patch

Yesterday, we all (Mere, Dave, Ally, Mom, Dad and us) drove up to Santa Cruz to cut down a tree. Initally, we only went along for the ride, but we found a cute little blue tree that we decided to take home with us. This morning I went to a service at the Buddhist temple near our house and while I was gone, Bryan and the kids put up the outside lights on the porch. When I got home, we had lunch, coffee and went for a walk to the local park. We came home and watched the kids decorate the tree. It's lovely.

We'll be getting holiday peace photo cards out soon to everyone, we've been waiting for Bea's shiner to go down. She was playing "Hey what's right there!" with her dad and whacked her eye on the back of the couch.

Every day I wake up and am happy this is our home. It's comfortable and pretty much exactly what I wanted for us. We walk or bike most everywhere.

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