Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Workspace

The new place has three bedrooms, which is more space (in the US) than we've had since we left SF. For now the kids will share a room, we'll have a bedroom and there will be a workroom/office/guest room. I have been wandering through Flickr, looking at interesting workspaces for inspiration. I know that I don't want all the furniture shoved up against the wall and that the desks shouldn't look "desky" and boring. I'm thinking a big work table in the middle, with shelving and supplies along the wall on bookshelves instead of office plastics and metals - maybe an antique dresser would work. Also want some comfy seating for reading or studying.

The beauty of having three bedrooms is that we have a lot of flexibility in how we use the rooms. In a year or two, the kids will need their own rooms and we wanted that option without having to pick up and move again.

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