Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Had my job interview with the nuns today; I think they thought me hire-able, but I was nervous and talked too quickly, as I can do when I'm put on the spot, so it's hard to tell where I stand.

Bryan and I worked in a neighborhood cafe where he negotiated and edited and I wrote my statement of purpose for the applications. One essay down, several to go.

Signed the lease and picked up the keys to our new house. We had a chance to re-look at the house and we were happy to know that we made a good decision. Really great, friendly landlords. Really beautiful, cozy house.

After all of that wonderfulness, we went to an overview of all our magnet school options. One looks super, and the other two choices look decent-enough. I'm exceedingly picky, and since I've been a writer of the edu-speak, I can spot it pretty quickly. We're going to take a tour of the schools next month and then we'll apply and hopefully get lucky. We're rooting for the Montessori.

Repeating the MS mantra: Enjoy now; be here now. Live now.

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