Thursday, November 01, 2007

Les Musées: Linky-link

Yesterday I took a trip to the MOMA and new De Young. I discovered two new favorite photographers: Jeff Wall (gigantic, in your face, snapshotty) and David Seymour (beautiful and intimate). Learned that Bryan and I have unconsciously been paralleling the art of Joseph Cornell our entire relationship. Walked ALL OVER and loved it, loved it. I felt like I was half-recognizing people as I strode along and willed myself to bump into DR, but it didn't work. Stopped off at the Tea Garden for some cookies and tea before heading into the inner sunset for some delicious sushi and a train ride home with TAL. Photos here.


slojason said...

We went on my birthday trip in September; we have a lot of the same pictures!

Megan said...

I never thought I would like anything better than the old De Young, but it totally works. Gorgeous views, inside and out.