Friday, November 02, 2007


The Grand: Found out we got the place. Glorious! Three bedrooms, dining room, fully-teal-tiled 40s bathroom, yard, washer/dryer. Walkscore: 78, but please, compared to where we came from, that's like a 95. (The last place we lived was a 51.) It's got the great detailing like arched doorways, plate-glass window and a built-in ironing board that will never see the light of day. Mentally arranging furniture.

The Not So Grand: I've got a long way to go on the schooling. Hopeful.

The downright depressing: Forum discusses "bullying." Hide your children. This is the most un-sensationalistic, accurate discussion I've experienced on the subject. Click. It's worth a listen. If I had the number to call, I would have asked: Does bullying exist as often in private schools as it does in public? If not, why not?


slojason said...

address pictures!!!!!!!!! :)

Megan said...

We sign the lease on Wednesday and move in next Sunday. Coming soon: Pictures and address!

There's a whole bunch of duplexes on that street that look exactly the same. My great, great, grandma on Dad's side used to own one and my dad used to have to go over there an mow the lawn. That's a nice visual.