Monday, November 19, 2007


Saturday: KP and kids G and G were our first visitors. We walked for bagels, the kids in the wagon and played at the park; loved watching the kids run around together and stoked that we're a quick 30 minutes away from them. Later we took a trip back to SJ for Ally's 3rd! birthday. Cuteness abounds.

Sunday: Mere and Ally came up to visit. Bagels, kids love 'em, and a walk around town. It's been great being able to spend a lot of time with her and watching the kids' relationship grow. Later took Bea on an errand-running excursion with a surprise hockey match thrown in. At home I got all the piles of stuff sequestered to one room and rearranged some furniture.

Monday: Decided to take the bus to school (sarcastic laughter), because I'm determined to use the car as little as possible. It was six bucks, since there were no transfers, and was rushing since the schedules are pretty unclear. So not super successful, but we made it - on time - but I want it to feel less rushed. Got dropped off at the bottom of a big hill, which Bea (the trooper) and I hiked up together. To wrap up the day I went through the bags of "important" papers, sorting, recycling, placing. Enjoying listening to all the podcasts I've been storing up. I've been enjoying these: This American Life; The Sound of Young America; and Radio Lab. Love that I have the time to listen.

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