Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some light dinner conversation...

Ikey: Is your belly button the doorway to your tummy?
M: No, your mouth is. You eat food and then it goes into your tummy.
Ikey: Did you eat me, mama?
M: No sweetie. (I know where this is leading now...)
Bea: How did I get in your tummy?
M: Well you weren't really in my tummy. You were in my uterus, which is inside, next to my tummy.
Bea: What's a uterus?
M: It's where babies grow.
Bea: How did I get in your uterus?
M: You were a little teeny, tiny, little egg and you grew.
Bea: How did I get out?
M: (Pause)...Well because I had two babies, the doctor cut me open right here and pulled you out.
Bry: That's called a cesarean.

Silence...Bea and Isaac get up from the table.

M: Well that was easy.
Bry: Yeah. This year.

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Mandy & John said...

OK. This one made me laugh! We are going through similar conversations, except that Caelie (observant little one) jumps in and says, "You KNOW Shaun".

Shaun: "No I don't."
Mom: "Where, Caelie?"
Caelie (pause): "I don't remember anymore".

Cheers! Hope all is going well with you:) We are doing good and hanging on another year here.