Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Delicious Cakes

I took a baking class Monday and Tuesday. We prepared the cakes (hot milk sponge, buttermilk and flourless chocolate) on Monday, and then the fillings and frostings (Italian meringue buttercream, pastry creme and lemon creme) on Tuesday. Are you supposed to capitalize the names of cakes and fillings? They seem worthy of capitalization. We were able to assemble all the different parts as we wished, so I ended up making several scrumptious combinations:

• 3-layer buttermilk cake with vanilla-lemon creme filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting
• 4-layer buttermilk and flourless chocolate cake with vanilla creme filling and vanilla buttercream frosting, garnished with dark chocolate shavings
• 3-layer flourless chocolate cake with lemon creme and pastry creme filling and a chocolate buttercream frosting
• Hot milk sponge roulade (like a bouche de noel) with vanilla buttercream filling and a chocolate ganache icing

I never had a desire to make cakes or frostings before but now I know I can. I am officially offering to make a birthday cake for whoever wants one.


Susan said...

I'll sign up for one...the chocolate, please :)

Megan said...

You got it!