Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's left of it...

Spent the morning at CCS and then we went for bagels. Came home and packed the toys up, sorting, tossing (shhh...) and putting all of the tiny pieces in containers with their other tiny pieces. We're heading to southern-most CA for the next few months with some trips up to the Bay Area and eastward mixed in for good fun. Have a bunch of things planned for the kids down there this summer: swimming; swimming lessons; art; horses; beach; bike-riding; family (of course); ice cream and sightseeing.

Going to pick up a Sunset or two while we're there. They always have such good ideas for day trips and I haven't ever investigated what L.A. has to offer. I still call everything south of Thousand Oaks and North of San Diego, Los Angeles.

This Friday I have a last, for a while, hike with M and then lunch. Sweet. I've been such a pre-occupied mess lately, I find it hard to believe I'm much fun to be around. M's forgiving, supportive and lovely.

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