Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hey, and the beach is right over there!

This morning, we woke at our new early-ish hour, skimmed Don and Beth's daily luxury, known as the NYT, had some good strong coffee and...we're off! Kids are a little funky about the move, some feelings of sadness and missing our old house were shared.

Played, of course, inside, outside, took a jacuzzi, had an early lunch and nap. Beth and I went to TJs for supplies and then to the City Hall to locate kid-related activities for the summer. They're now signed up for swimming lessons for the next six weeks, with a weekly, weekend tumbling class and a 9-day science class thrown in for good measure. We've already started a list of local places we'll be visiting: Aquarium, butterflies, tar pits, beach.

Tonight, Bryan and I head back to finish packing the house up. Sadness.

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