Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ça va?

Went to the dentist on Friday - the only dentist I remember having - I've been going to see him since I was a kid; he's a high school friend of my dad's. He couldn't tell which of my teeth is giving me the problem, maybe it's both, so he's sent me to a specialist, who I will hopefully be seeing next week. I have the toothache of all toothaches. The entire right side of my face hurts, including my ear and jaw and it's as if there's a line going down the exact center of my skull where the pain seems to end. I wake up every night in pain and have to sleepily get up and take a couple ibuprofen and during the day, when I sit still long enough, I realize I've been in pain for a while and take some more. I had the choice of having the tooth/teeth out or get a root canal, but if I want to at some point have my teeth straightened (which I will eventually) I'll need to keep the wisdom tooth, as they'll need to take teeth closer to the front of my mouth out in order to even things up. Root canal - sounds fun. Anyway, let's all hope this teeth drama thing ends soon, mainly because I'm tired of complaining about it.

The kids are home after a visit with SoCal Gma and Gpa, and they had a GREAT time. Such a good time, in fact, that Bea now wants to move to Huntington Beach. I think Beth may have helped Isaac with his 'R' sounds because he can all of a sudden pronounce "there" and "where" as they're intended, instead of "thewre" and "whewre." Excellent! I missed them more this time than the other times for some reason.

I have three weeks of work left, two weeks with actual students. I'm under some pressure to get a film created that I said I would make, but I'm positive it will be done in time. Ready to look forward to bigger and better challenges. I'm eyeing several PhD programs - top of the list is a Social Inequity and Sociology program at Portland State University which accepts its first cohort in Fall of 2008- might work out perfectly. I think I'd like to be challenged by people my own age for a change.

We're moving back to France in October for seven months. I'm looking forward to all that France has to offer, along with the chance to be still and focus on two or three things at once instead of, like, forty. We have packing and a list of stuff to do before then, but the tiny little detail items can wait until we get closer to actually leaving. Part of leaving entails finishing off my Netflix queue, which I now realize is impossible. Watching one movie a night during the school year is just not going to happen. I'm now up to 90 movies and will have to print out the list so that I can start it on up again when we get back in May. Plus I'll have all the movies that will have come out while we were gone that I'll need to tack onto the end. If all goes well, I'll be able to get through at least twenty or so before we move out and there are most likely some that Don and I have in common that we can watch while we stay with them for the summer. We have very similar tastes in movies which is cool.

I bought a little hard drive for my computer which holds almost three times what my laptop holds. I'm afraid to put stuff on it, but I'm slowly working up the courage to do it and then delete the 20,000 (no exaggeration) pictures that are sucking up all the space. I had a long, hard think about replacing the computer with a new dual processor MacBook. What really sold me on keeping this "old" one is the dinky 13" wide-screen on the new one seems considerably less do-able than this one, which is 14" and squarish. The salesguy said the next ones that come out will have a 15" screen, but will still be wide-screen. I'll wait for that and the new Leopard or whatever to come out. And maybe by then I'll have a decent-enough paying job that I could rationalize purchasing a PowerBook with the nice 17" screen.

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