Thursday, May 24, 2007

It goes?

It goes.

I drove up North last night in time to have a tasty birthday dinner celebration with my sister (more to come on that front) and spent the night so I could see the endodontist early this morning. My dad went along for moral support. Root is gone and I have no pain...not even a little. The jaw is sore of course but the tooth?...Nada.

Tomorrow is a shortened day - kids have a home pass, then my sister and niece come for a visit and then we're up again for a BBQ and a crown for my teeth on Tuesday.

Today I thought about how my friend Jamie was there with me today as I was having my teeth worked on. She was also there when I had the lump removed from my breast and when I had my kids. Ok, well not physically there, but when I have to be calm and focus, I think of Jamie's very serene face and I can completely relax.

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