Sunday, April 22, 2007

Timeline of events

5:50 - Leave house; drive to Cambria for kite flying

6:20 - Arrive at Shamel Park (the kids' favorite)

6:45 - Lose car keys on beach while kite-flying

7:30 - Walk kids to The Grill to get food while Bryan communicates with AAA to find out if they can duplicate VW keys. Extra set of keys has been missing since Thursday.

7:50 - Bryan discovers VW keys cannot be duplicated; cabs won't go to Cambria. We eat grilled foods.

8:00 - Bryan contacts SN; walks over to The Grill with the bad news.

8:30 - SN picks us up

8:30-9:00 - Ikey cries from Cambria to Los Osos. He wants the van. We fail at attempts to console him. I get stress-induced cold sore; unable to find way to special happy place.

9:45 - After extensive searching, Bryan finds extra set of car keys under seat cushion of couch. Relief sets in.

10:00 - Bryan takes the truck to go get the van. I blog. Kids sleep.

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