Saturday, April 21, 2007

Earth Day and Laundry

Today we're heading downtown to the celebration at the plaza, then we're off to Ikey's horse-riding activity. After that I foresee some laundry in my future. I've become intimate with laundry these past few years. When we lived in MB, I would do a daily, or so, load and fold it in front of the TV. In St. Pée I did a small load every morning and in the fall, hung it on the line, which at the time seemed very romantic and rootsy. In the winter I dried it in front of the radiator. In Royan, I did a little load every day and dried it out in the courtyard in the sun. When it rained we took it to a "wash and fold" but had it dried and folded instead. Now Bryan washes and dries and puts in a pile and on the weekends I fold it all up.

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