Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Travel Advisory

Well there's another storm coming in, but according to the weatherperson, we'll only get a little snow that won't stick. So the plan is to drive down to Eugene and then over to the coast to avoid the Cascades.

Tonight we went to K and A's cozy, wonderful apartment where A made a DELICIOUS dinner and K read to the kids. A relaxing time all around. Happy that they're happy. We tried to find an open Burgerville to bookend our milkshake intake for the trip, but alas, they were all closed for an employee appreciation party.

Today we drove around too long looking at neighborhoods in lovely Portland. Favorites:

Mt. Tabor

Now we have a lot to think about. Fear, decision, attachment, hope, potential, possiblities, stability, ease, easier, are having a nice tug-of-war in my mind. Some fun conversation tomorrow.

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