Friday, January 05, 2007


This morning the kids and I went to the Portland Children's Museum - Excellent!!!!

We arrived in Seattle about 5:30 after a fairly pleasant drive through rain, rain, rain. Before we left Portland we stopped back at that free bread shop for sandwiches. I had a traditional french jambon, fromage et beurre and Bryan had a fancy turkey and cheese - both were on that delicious baguette. I also bagged a couple of mini-chocolate croissants and an almond croissant which Bryan agreed were outstanding. Now we're in a great little apartment in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle. Bryan made a great dinner and later gave the kids baths AND haircuts; they look adorable.

Now the kids are in bed and we're both sitting on the couch with our laptops looking out the window onto the street at the storm and the lights reflecting. Ahhhh. Vacation.

Still no camera.

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