Thursday, January 04, 2007

North West

Our motel is in the North West part of town right near a Pete's a Starbucks and a fancy Draeger's-type grocery store. Just down the street from there on NW 23rd Street are several nice independent stores, cafés, restaurants and some stores you might see in any town. I wandered into a shop, 3 Monkeys, which had an assortment of used, pretty items and newer antique-y things: jars, cufflinks, glasses, trays, mirrors, and on and on. I walked around slowly and toward the back of the store on a shelf, way in the back behind some other objects, I found a book, Official Guide Book to Diego Rivera's Frescoes in the National Palace, Supreme Court of Justice, Del Prado Hotel, Cardiology's Institute, Ministry of Education and elsewhere in Mexico. In it are pictures of many of Rivera's paintings along with "ample and unabridged explanation[s]." It's brilliant and it was only eight dollars! When I put it on the counter the woman asked if it was theirs and then she asked if she could look at it. I totally scored.

Later I went to visit a doctor (I'm fine) and then Bryan and the kids met me and we went for coffee and we visited a cool little toystore in the same neighborhood. We went over to K's job, took a tour and then we met up with A and went for yummy Indian food. On the way home we passed a closed bakery where the woman in the back was putting the unsold bread into bags. As K and I stopped to watch while we waited for the guys to catch up, the woman motioned to us, asking if we wanted some of the bread. We nodded and a few minutes later, she brought out a HUGE bag of assorted bread. It was the first French-tasting baguette we've had since we've been back. Nice.

New sound: Snow tires.


velcrokat said...

P.S., I ate the entire loaf of the raisin-nut bread myself in two days. You guys took one of those, right?

Megan said...

Yes and I ate the rest of that baguette with jam and butter for dessert.