Saturday, January 06, 2007


We're living in someone's furnished apartment and it took us all of, what, 10 minutes? to feel comfortable. I could see doing this all over the world. Why am I not independently wealthy? Need to work on that.

There are a few things we'll need to contend with if we move to a city. If we live in an apartment, it will need to be on the bottom floor. The kids can't stop jumping and running around, even with repeated reminders. I feel sorry for the person who lives downstairs. There's also crazy folks: "What's that man saying, mama?" "He's singing, sweetie." Or individual expression, "Why does that man have clown makeup on, mama?" "He's a teenager honey."

This morning we took the bus down to the Seattle Aquarium, saw a big, huge octopus and a lot of cute sea mammals. There was a nice "Dory and Nemo" tank that featured one of each of the fish in the movie. The kids loved the aquarium for the first hour and a half and then they got hungry. We walked up to Pike's Market and had sandwiches and cheese pizza at an Italian grocery, where they also had delicious chocolatines.

Tonight we walked along Broadway, the main street near us, and went for sushi at our favorite place, HaNa. We discovered it the first time Bryan and I came here together, delicious and cheap. Bea was pretty adept at using her chopsticks and Ikey made a valiant effort. After, we went to QFC, a combination Whole Foods/Safeway to get some bread for toast and sandwiches tomorrow. It's quite a place.

I love the city and it feels good to be around a lot of people and to have access to a lot of interesting things. I imagine X-mas shopping at Pike's Market must have been a real treat for the friendly Seattleites with all of the original art and artisan products to choose from. It's not that I want to buy a bunch of stuff, it's just that I like to know I could find something interesting if I wanted to. In any event, it's all pretty nice to look at.

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