Sunday, January 07, 2007

No nap monorail and chai tea lattes

What was supposed to be a day at the coast ended up being too stormy. Bryan said "I'm not taking my family out on the sound in a storm" (or something to that effect). A was thinking about making a trip up to surf with Bryan but decided ten hours of driving for some possible surf was not the best idea, and it's a good thing. Maybe we'll make it there tomorrow.

We took the bus down to the Space Needle area to the Seattle Children's Museum. It's much easier to navigate with two parents, but equally as cool as the Portland one. We played in the various exhibits, left for a bit to have our picnic lunch and some ice cream and then we spent the hour after lunch creating art projects in the museum studio: Paintings, collages, sculpture from recycled materials. After the kids were completely exhausted, we took the monorail downtown and back and then the bus back up.

Bryan's making dinner and the very tired children and I are watching their new copy of the movie Cars.

I'm going to need to break my new-found addiction to vanilla chai tea lattes from Starbucks, of all places. I had three of them today, but I don't mind staying up late because I'm really enjoying one of the books my uncle Jason got me for Christmas. Thanks again UJ!

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