Monday, January 01, 2007

Art, etc.

We're almost ready to go. I spent the last 20 minutes loading up the Shuffle with 6.5 hours of stuff: The new Cat Power (Thanks Mark); Jolie Holland; (Thanks again); Clash; Miles Davis; three podcasts of "This American Life"; other assorted music.

I spent the afternoon up in SF visiting a friend. Had some delish Vietnamese food for lunch and an almond and Nutella crepe for dessert. On the way up I listened to "The World" on NPR which was having a special segment for the new year. They asked some well-known people which books they had read this year that had made an impact on them and as they were going through the list, I had a pleasant thought about how amazing books are and how you can learn about anything you want just by reading - how so many answers can be answered. Then I became a little depressed because I realized that there is so much that I want to know and so much that I want to read that I actually have to choose now because I'll never have enough time to read ALL the books that interest me. There's just not enough time.

Sometimes there are crappy days when you wonder what the point of everything is and then you hear a piece of music or read something or see something beautiful or have a conversation about something with someone that moves you and then it all seems to make sense.

Was home in time to put the kids to bed. We were all pretty tired today. My camera is broken which is really bumming me out. I'll take it anyway and hope I can find a place to fix it pdq in Portland.

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