Wednesday, January 03, 2007

400 bathroom stops later…

It’s a long ride from Ashland to Portland. Fog rolled down the mountains and into the roadway and there was lots of beautiful farmland and mountains and thankfully, no snow. The highway follows a few rivers, or maybe just one, which are boiling brown and white from the run-off. We stopped for pizza-by-the-slice and a AAA membership (so we could get free maps and such) in Roseburg and realized we still had a ways to go.

Around 6:00 pm we arrived in Portland, met up with K and A and went for Chinese food. Later we were successful in our quest for delicious Burgerville milkshakes thanks to K's instinct. Now the kids sleep and we watch local news.


Bryan: Now I know why coffee is so popular up here. When it’s cold and rainy outside it’s warm and sunshiny in your caffeine-baked brain.

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