Saturday, December 30, 2006

The one where the kids all get along

Today Ikey, Bea and I went to play with J, J and D in San Francisco. We hung out at the house for awhile then we went to play at GG park, climbing rocks, hiking little trails, rolling down hills, playing with rockets and balls, having a yummy picnic. This was the second time that our kids had played with each other, the last time being about two years ago, and again they got along swimmingly. Next time we'll add dinner into the mix. J and I got a chance to talk while the kids played. It felt really good to hang out with J. I've missed her and it feels good to share thoughts, ideas and similar concerns about life and things we want for our kids. There's such a light, real, goodness with J that I feel with no other person.

Last night we visited K, R, G and G in Oakland, had some de-licious, crazy, yummy pizza and some good conversation. G and the kids had fun conducting the big Honda train, chasing each other, doing art and playing with all of G's toys, which he was gracious about sharing. K and R are great parents, friends and people, down to earth and totally relatable. Sweet, sweet kids.

The kids are a cool age now in that they're able to communicate with other kids, which makes playing a smoother, more enjoyable experience for us and them; it's fun to watch. Tomorrow night we spend New Year's with S, J, S, I and others in Pacifica.

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