Saturday, November 18, 2006


One thing that living light in France taught me is that we don't need stuff. That and we can make a home anywhere as long as we have each other...and a bunch of toys.

Our new home in Los Osos is cute, older, small and is helping us realize what things we'll be looking for in future housing. The kids can do with their bunk beds for a while but eventually they'll need their own rooms so three bedrooms is pretty much essential for the next stage. Bryan needs a place to work so an outbuilding, like the office off the garage he's currently using, is ideal. We love the billions of built-ins because it means we don't have to clutter up the house with a lot of furniture. And the laminate flooring throughout feels clean and light and necessitates the purchase of colorful rugs. There's a fireplace insert we'll be using soon; I remember that my parents heated their much-larger-house-than-this with one so we should be toasty once the need for heating kicks in around here.

We've only been in our house for four weeks and already it already feels like home.

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