Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today Colette, the owner of the house we lived in, came to visit and meet with a roofer who will need to fix the roof and ceiling after we leave. We had a nice visit, coffee and cake, explained a couple of broken things and donated some stuff we won't be taking with us.

What started out as a cold and gloomy stay here in Royan, turned out to be a great experience. We were centrally located, had friendly neighbors, lived near an excellent running/biking path, and were close to beaches and parks. Royan came to life this summer and it we enjoyed being a part of the summery, festive vibe.

If/when we return, we will now have to decide between two places to resettle, as there are things to love about here and the Pays Basque.

Sad, but not regretting a thing. Nous adorons la France, toujours!

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