Monday, September 04, 2006

Beatrice et Isaac vont a l'école.

Today was Isaac's first day of school and Bea's first day back. This morning, no one was really excited about getting up at 7:15, but we made it there without issue. Isaac has the teacher Bea had last year, Isabelle, and Bea has a new teacher, Michel. Bea was a little nervous but not so much that she didn't want to go. When we arrived, she saw her new friend Magdalena, a little girl we met up with a couple of times during the summer and the little boy she was friends with in her class last year, Maxime. We actually ran into Maxime several times over the summer in the grocery store with his mom and grandfather. Bea would just barely be able to squeek out a Bonjour! and then she'd run away with a big smile. As Bea would say,"I'm a little bit shy. But that's okay." Last night as we were putting Isaac to bed, I asked him if he was excited about going to school and he said no, he wanted to stay here. When we got to school Bryan took him in and he immediately started playing with the other kids...guess going won't be a problem. Because he's in the class with all of the other first-timers, and he's taller than most French kids his age anyway, he looks like a giant in the class of two year olds.

After we dropped them off, Bryan headed out for a surf day and I went for a run, took a shower and walked to the market. I thought about how I knew this day would come, when both of them would be out of the house and off into the world of pre-school and new friends, and I looked back on why we decided to come here in the first place. I was able to spend a whole year with them, every day, watching them grow and change and learn things and be cute little kids and I'm so happy I didn't miss out on that.

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