Sunday, August 13, 2006

So much beauty it'll make you cry

An unexpected day today. We went for a picnic in Pons, a city we had tried to visit in the winter but was flooded. We located the park we had found previously and ate on the grass by a slow, swampy river. Behind us a bit was a bridge which led to a path through some trees. Let's go for a walk. We wandered under the trees along the river, saw families in paddle boats and canoes floating past. We passed a family of goats, some ducks and chickens and eventually came to a clearing in front of what appeared to be canals branching off of the river. We crossed another bridge and found ourselves in front of a fortress - a castle-y looking castle. Up, up, up stone stairs, into an 16th century building, around and through a manicured park, we stood looking up at the castle we had seen from below. Kids played at another park and then we made our way back. Down another set of stairs, along another fork in the river, over another bridge to where we started.

Everything I looked at was picture-worthy, quite unbelievable - perfect, in fact, but I had forgotten my camera.

The kids fell asleep in the car almost immediately so we took the long way home. Looking around at the countryside and the trees and fading sunflowers, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful this country is.

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