Saturday, August 26, 2006


I've done more reading in the last year than I've done in the last five. I've been reading books I bought ages ago and am only now getting around to, the British version of Vanity Fair, as well as several blogs. I discovered the blogs through a series of accidental links from other sites which led to new links and so on and so on. Through these, I've become interested in and identified with other travelers, francophiles, tattoo artists and the tattooed, mothers, humourists, liberals, designers and culture lovers. I've kept up on politics through a website that provides Daily Show clips and links to varied news items and thanks to a group of entertainment blogs I'm fully aware that Jessica Simpson is no longer married to Nick Lachay and that he's now dating some young woman from MTV. Out of the country no longer means out of the loop. I spend about 3 hours a night online, reading, listening and exploring and I've appreciated the time I've had to learn and discover. I like being able to select what I read, read up on something instantly if I don't know the background and then form an opinion on what I've uncovered. The last few years of my life my brain has been so focused on education and pedagogy that I've hardly delved into any other areas and I've neglected to expand on those other interests, art and culture specifically, which have always been very important to me. The one thing I'm looking forward to most about our return to the US is holding the New York Times in my hands, turning the pages and turning my fingers grey/black with the ink of its loveliness.

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