Thursday, August 31, 2006


And just like that, all the tourists were gone, the weather changed and they knew something beautiful was coming to an end.

The bread store is going to be closed on Mondays again and many of the front de mer shops have packed up their chairs and inflatable alligators and dolphins. There's plenty of parking to be had on our street, the grocery store hours have been reduced, and our favorite, cheap, cafeteria place has closed for the season.

The kids start school on Monday - Isaac's first day and Bea's return. They're both pretty excited. We bought their classroom chaussons (slippers) and got their ID photos yesterday.

It's hard to pack anything because we have so little, we use it all. I've been mentally throwing things away and have visited the DHL site a number of times, vacillating between packing it all and having it shipped and trying to get it all to, onto and off the plane. My latest fantasy is flying back with only our carry on luggage. Ahhh.

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