Saturday, July 01, 2006

Allez Les Bleus!

Today is the quarter finals of the World Cup - France vs. Brazil. Bryan somehow, thank you thank you, got TF1 to come in on the tv so we'll be watching it from the comfort of our living room. It starts at 9:00 which is just a few hours from now.

Update: France 1 - Brazil - 0; Next match Wednesday 7/5 at 9:00; France vs Portugal

Bryan headed out to check out the celebration. His report:

Les Bleus won, and a few blocks from our house the waterfront of Royan is transformed into a slow parade of cars sprouting French flags and raised fists from windows and teens sitting on hoods. Between the car horns riders shout "allez!" Young men, kids, grandmothers line the Front de Mer drive raising beers, ice creams, more French flags and cigarettes. There are firedancers and kids doing wheelies on mopeds. There is no wave to the celebratory din. It's been building steadily and now half and hour since game's end it's still loud and steady. The evening is warm and a little drunk. Allez les Bleus!

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