Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday - no school

Bea woke up with a cold today and throughout the morning various members of the family began sneezing. One thing we forgot about mingling with other children is sickness. When Bryan used to take the kids to the parent participation class ("parent inoculation" as a coworker once called it) the kids would get sick every week. Then they'd miss class the next week so as not to infect anyone and be back again the following for a fresh dose of germs.

It's hot today - yesterday was a muggy 80º - less muggy and with a nice breeze. I have a feeling that breeze from the river/ocean is going to be what saves me this summer. All the houses here have shutters which we've discovered serve several purposes: In the winter when we could see our breath in the house (what was it two months ago?) they can be closed to keep the warm air in/cold air out and in the warmer weather it keeps the sun off of the windows to keep it cool inside. You can also basically seal up your house when you go on vacation, shuttering the doors and windows from anyone who might want to get in and it also makes it dark enough for a couple of kids to take a decent-length nap. Shutters...nice.

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