Thursday, May 11, 2006


Last week our landlord, Collette, lent us the key to a kiosk her family owns out at Talmont. Her dad and her husband dug a tunnel and small house out of the white, clay rock beneath the building down to the water. Quite a feat. Tonight we went to return the key at Françoise's house, the woman who introduced us to Collette and helped us secure the rental here. She had invited us to her house for a soirée where she said we could meet with Collette and also many English people.

We arrived early so that the kids could check out the bevy of farm animals Françoise keeps on her property, and soon after a group of about 10 people showed up. We all sat around the table while Françoise led a sort of French lesson. The group members all had varying levels of speaking ability and it was nice to listen to the accents and descriptions of what they had been doing there. After each person, ourselves included, had an opportunity to talk, Françoise brought out a huge salmon, which she had prepared, served cold with a lovely salad, sauce made from herbs from her garden and homemade dolmas. We all sat around and talked, sometimes in English sometimes in French and ate our dinner. We got a chance to talk more with our landlord, who is a lovely person. After dinner, there was of course dessert: Beignet of Acacia flower and beignet of lightly lemoned cream. We left soon after as it was 9:30 and the kids were starting to venture too closely to the unfenced swimming pool - they had been amazing up until this point, playing with the dogs, reading books, being eaten by mosquitos.

Apparently they do this every Thursday. Françoise invited us to come again, which we will do most definately.

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