Monday, May 29, 2006


Okay. I'll come clean. Yes, we have eaten at Mc Donald's ("Mc Do" as it's known in France and pronounced as Mac-doh) and it's bad but not as bad as you might think.

It started pretty soon after we got here actually and then became a bit of a habit because it's so easy. So easy. What hooked us was the Happy Meals that consist of the Croque Mc Do - a glorified grilled ham and cheese sandwich that looks uncanilly like Tubby-toast, carrot sticks for one kid, french fries for the other, which we divide between them, Evian bottled water and apple sauce. Now that's not horrible is it?

Bryan has been brave enough to experiment with a variety of items: The Big Tasty, Chicken Mythic, Royal Deluxe. I did the filet-o-fish a couple of times and now I'm doing salads. My current is the Salade Fromagère: Romaine lettuce, walnuts, a few raisins, corn, tomatoes, Roquefort, chevre, and edam cheeses, with a mustard dressing.

Again, I learn the lesson that one should never say "never."

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