Saturday, May 06, 2006


This afternoon we visited Mornac-sur-Seudre, very close to Royan - about 20 minutes. We walked around, looked at the houses, and local artists' work and then we had dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant. We're having fun visiting all the little towns around here, and it's good that we're doing it now because in the summer we won't be able to get to see them without all of Paris and Germany there with us. At least that's what we've heard. More photos

Last night Bryan and I went out for an amazing meal: Amuse bouche - pickled beet root with cream; entrée - me: scallops in some kind of dream sauce with a little dollop of puree of cauliflower and potato, Bryan: lightly smoked salmon in another with same dollop; main course - me a great fish in another dreamy sauce, Bryan: Gambas with etc.; cheese course: warm chevre on a little toast on a lightly dressed salad; dessert - me: Chocolate tart on a crispy crust of praline, Bryan: coffe ice cream souffle; finally - little assortment of teensy desserts (tiny cakes, tarts and cookies). And of course, coffees.

After that we went to see Mission Impossible 3 in French. It was loud and action-packed and not as good as the dinner. Later that night there were wild thunder and lightning storms. When it rains really hard, like it did last night, the doorbell shorts out and starts ringing (like a loud, old-style alarm clock) non-stop. Bryan had to go and make a little umbrella to mount over the top of it so that it would stop.

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