Monday, May 22, 2006

Informational Post: Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is somewhat of a workout:

Cart: You pick up and pay for your cart using a token or a euro coin which encourages you to put it back at the end of your shopping trip. They are like the ones you will find at Ikea, where all the wheels move independently and each in 360º so you are simultaneously pushing the cart sideways and forwards at the same time. When it gets loaded full of groceries it can be unwieldly and we spend a lot of energy avoiding crashing into things with it. A nice upper body workout.

Market: Supermarchés are crowded and busy unless you go at off times (12:30ish and 4:00ish). It's a bit of an obstacle course, avoiding people, rushing through. Good for hand/foot-eye coordination.

Checkout: You bring your own bags and bag your own groceries here so the goal is to get everything on the belt before the woman (who is seated by the way - grand idea why doesn't the US do that?) begins to check your stuff through. Then you need to hurry and get to the receiving end so that you can bag up everything before she finishes. Folks don't give you the eye-roll here if you happen to take too long, but we like to be considerate. Cardio.

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