Friday, April 07, 2006

What does one do during a major strike in Paris? One goes to Disneyland.

Bryan and Isaac flew out of Paris to Dublin on Tuesday morning. The day of another big strike here in France. We took the train from La Rochelle to Paris (3 hours) then a cab from the Montparnasse station to our hotel across from the Gare de Lyon.During the cab ride we asked the driver about the strike happening the next day. He said that we had chosen a bad quarter to be in for the strike and that they were going to close off the whole area. Ugh. He asked when our flight was leaving and when we told him 10:00 he said we would be fine as the demonstrations would probably be happening around noon.We got to our hotel and Bryan promptly reserved a cab. His flight left at 10:50 but the desk clerk insisted that he get a cab at 7:00 to be safe. We went across the street to suss out how to get to the big "D" the next day and checked to make sure the trains would be running. Then we walked a bit along the Seine to a park where the kids rode on a merry-go-round and investigated the horticulture. There was no playground. For dinner we wandered around a bit and found a place called "While the Children Play." Bingo. We ate some mediocre food, but the kids were able to play with some toys while we ate. At this point Ikey, Bea and Mama had come down with the flu and were feeling pretty funky. After dinner we walked a bit more, stopped by a pharmacy for some stuff to make us feel better (note: bottle of children's acetominophen and a packet of tylonol-esque tablets for me = 3 Euros). We went back to the hotel and crashed.

The next morning Bryan and Ikey's cab showed up right on the nose at 7:00. Bea and I got up, ate downstairs and then got ready to go to. We took the RER A 40 minutes out of town from the station across the way which plopped us right in front of the Park just as it was opening.

All the characters were there to greet the early birds. Bea was overwhelmed with love for each and every one. She would stare at them and then walk up and give them a big, long, hug. It was amazing.Bea went on almost every ride and the only one I regret taking her on was the Pirates of the Carribean. About 2 minutes into it I realized it was a bad idea. I distracted her with some of the more innocuous images at the opportune moments and tried to make it seem funny instead of spooky (No see pirates). She loved It's a Small World and Casey Jr.'s Roller Coaster and just about everything else we went on.We were cruising around the park until 5:00. When I plopped her in the stroller to go get some dinner before we headed back to the hotel, she was asleep the moment I set her down. I bought her a little Mickey Pizza, the ears of which she refused to eat; we bought t-shirts and a Mickey mouse doll and headed back to the train.The next day, we woke up, ate breakfast downstairs and then took a cab back to Montparnasse to catch the train home. Four hours later we were home and Bea fell asleep in my arms on the couch.


unclejason said...

What a great story. Some real mom and daughter time; I don't know how much of that you get. I like the part where she wouldn't eat the ears off the mouse pizza. :) How is she doing without her Ikey?

Megan said...

Ikey who?

It's true. We don't get to spend a lot of one on one with each other. We should have done this a long time ago.