Saturday, April 15, 2006


Quotes of the day, updated throughout:

me: We're going to go hunt for Easter Eggs.
bea: Where's Ikey?

bea: Uncle Dave come to our house?

me: I'm putting the pictures on the computer so Grandma and Grandpa can see them.
bea: Grandma Grandpa Grandma Grandpa

bea: What's Bea eating?
me: Jellybeans
bea: I'm eating jellybeans.

bea: I can see daddy?

me: I love you Bea. See you after your nap.
bea: Eat more jellybeans.

me: Hi Bea. Time to wake up from your nap.
bea: Eat more jellybeans. I want the chocolate egg. Eat more jellybeans.
Some photos of the hunt.

Some photos of Bea eating the chocolate egg. Inside there was a little chocolate fish and 3 little candy eggs. I should have taken a picture of the egg before she ate it.

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