Sunday, March 05, 2006


Settling in, we've established a bit of a routine. Mornings are leisurely but pass quickly: Wake, snuggle with kids, do a little yoga, drink strong coffee, open the house, eat, go for a walk and then all of a sudden it's lunch/nap/play/dinner time. We're going on our 5th month of daily bread for breakfast and we haven't tired of it - I think we eat more jam and butter than is allowed for a typical family of four. We buy all of our cheese, vegetables and fruits at the covered market up the street, rent videos from the local video store, nap and go to bed early. Life is good.

Bryan's watching the dubbed version of the Green Mile and tomorrow I begin a series of intensive French Lessons at the CAREL , the language school here in Royan. I'm hoping it will give me more confidence to speak and the ability to be qualified for a part time service job during the impending tourist season. Bryan has had some good leads on surf-related work so we'll see what pans out.

The Oscars are tonight and I've been looking to see if they're offering up a webcast of the festivities. I'm feeling a little homesick and happy I've got skype to talk to ya'll.

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