Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Savage Coast

Today we did a surf check on the Côte Sauvage. We hiked in past this lighthouse, through a little pine forest and across some dunes to a deserted beach.

There were a couple of German bunkers which were appropriately covered with graffiti.

The kids rolled down the dunes a bit then we retraced our steps back.

When we reached the car we realized that someone had busted a door lock to get in. We didn't leave anything of value in the car and we hope they had to touch the kids' port-a-potty while they were going through the trunk. Savage, indeed.


unclejason said...

That is so bad. How does anyone know what's safe? I'm glad they didn't get anything. We got burglarized a couple of weeks ago, so we can sympathize. They got our new TV, ME's laptop and some rolled coin; waltzed right in during the day. Great pictures!

Megan said...

Oh my. That's far worse. Jerks.