Saturday, February 18, 2006

In search of...

We located a new park in Vaux sur Mer today, which the kids have named "yellow park". It has a spinning go-round thing that, with age, one loses the ability to ride. Isaac sat on it with some other kids who were spinning it so fast we thought he'd go flying into the trees; he loved it but we got sick just watching him. In the early evening we drove past the zoo to check out the flamingos and scoped out some vacated-for-the-winter vacation areas.

There's been some severe weather; twice this week it woke us up in the middle of the night. First it was tornado winds blowing over the house and into the shutters and last night it was the thunder and lightening breaking directly above us that shook the windows. We feel safe in our cement house and it's cool to experience such extremes in weather. We're so used to the mild California springsummerwinterfall. We look around at all the bare trees and vines and it's a trip to know that in just a few months they'll be leafy and the flowers will be blooming.

Bea is just the most agreeable bright little girl. She notices everything and is talking up a storm. She breaks out with the funniest sayings and today on the way home from the drive was singing every Raffi song she could remember the words to. Currently her two most mentioned catch phrases are "That's craaazy" and "Mama's silly" which sound great in her cute little Bea voice. Next time you see her ask her to say "cookie" it will crack you up.

We joined the neighborhood video store. Many of the titles of the movies have either been translated or have totally different names, so we just go by the box or from memory of who starred in it. Today we picked up "Benjamin Gates et le Tresor des Templiers," which loosely translates to "Benjamin Gates and the Templars' Treasure" or as it was released in the US, "National Treasure." Last night we watched "Billy Elliot" which was entitled, "Billy Elliot."

Here's a picture of our kitchen. Yes, that's a orange fondue pot.

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