Friday, January 20, 2006


On Sundays most things are closed. The movie theatres are open, the boulangeries are open until noon and some restaurants, cafés are serving. But grocery stores and other shops are mostly closed. I think that's pretty cool, but it does take some getting used to. At first we went into a kind of panic. Do we have enough food? What if we need something? Slowly we have gotten used to it and Sundays don't cause much anxiety anymore. We hang out or go for a drive, pretty much like any other day, except if we really wanted to buy a pair of pants, we wouldn't be able to.

Update Sunday, 1/22: We woke up this morning and realized that we had run out of fuel, which means no hot water and no heat. We called the Brave Brothers fuel delivery service, but he told us he was "interdit de rouler" (which means forbidden to drive) on Sundays. He's coming tomorrow morning at 9:00. We all have on four layers of clothes.

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