Saturday, November 12, 2005

The train in Spain stays mainly in the brain

As of today we've been here for one month, settled in quickly; it already feels familiar. We began our language tutoring with Mme Capdeville, a lovely person who listens to our crumbly French and helps us fix it. She gives us good cultural information/insight, conversation, and large lists of verbs to memorize. She told us that gas is cheaper in Spain so, since we Iive like fifteen minutes from there, we decided to take a trip. We got gas, ate in a great, loud, little cafe (perfect for tired kids) and drove to the most beautiful city I think I've ever seen: San Sebastian. We weren't able to walk around, as the kids fell asleep just as we drove in, but we'll be making a trip back and hopefully I'll get some pictures that convey the true splendour of the city more than the ones I snapped from the car.

I saw my first movie at The Rex, a QUIET movie theatre in St. Jean de Luz. It was the latest Woody Allen, which is coming out in your neck of the woods on Christmas Day, and wouldn't be called a family film - you can click the link to the right to see the trailer. Our next endevour is to find a new place to live. We love this area so we need to find a new home before the spring arrives and the price of rentals hits the roof. Beatrice has a new hobby - bat watching. Every night when it begins getting dark, she says "Go find bats! Go find bats!" We point "them" out to her as they pass by the car.

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