Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spider Update

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>November 14, 2005 at 18:47:21
>At 18:47 14/11/2005, you wrote:
>question: Hi, there is a spider who was happy and active outside our
>window. Now his/her web is in a state of disrepair and s/he is in
>the corner all the time whereas s/he used to come out at night. Is
>s/he hibernating? Dead? Thanks. I also have a picture I can send
>you if you would be willing to identify it for me.
Sure, send a picture if you like, I'll have a go. At this time of
year, especially tonight as the first frosts strike, there are many
spiders who simply get to the end of their lives and die. Some do
hibernate, but mostly in the UK they die. So its bad news for your
little friend. However, she has most likely laid some eggs somewhere
so you can enjoy the company of her children next year.
The Virtual Ranger
The UK's leading independent conservation and countryside management
At 22:36 15/11/2005, you wrote:
>Hello Mr Ranger:
>Thanks for your answer. Here is a picture of the spider. If it
>helps for identifying, I'm on the south west coast of France, just
>above Spain.
>Thank you.
Hello! Thanks for the picture. I was worried when I read that you
were in France - I don't know much about French spiders! But luckily
for me, it's an old favourite that occurs here in England too. Your
spider is Araneus diadematus, the common garden orb spider. A lovely creature to watch spin her web, and an endless source of fascination at the end of the summer when they get big and hang upside-down on their webs.

Best wishes

Update: 12/1/05 - Spider M.I.A.
Update: 12/28/05 - found her large, techni-color spider egg sac

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