Thursday, November 24, 2005

November 24th - time to roast a chicken

We made our first visit to the local butcher to purchase this lovely, vegeterian fed, free-range chicken. When I first saw it, it had its head, feet and insides fully intact. The butcher made it look the way it does now. Under the email direction of my dad, I roasted her up and we had a quick-to-fix melange of a Thanksgiving meal: Chicken, black cherry preserve, stuffing (made with fresh porc sausage and baguette), green beans, smashed potatoes, more baguette, and in place of the pumpkin pie, although nothing can really replace pumpkin pie, a black cherry gateau Basque.
It was just like any other day for the kids. Chicken! I like chicken.
It rained today and is raining hard now. There's a rumor it may snow on Saturday. We bought provisions just in case we get snowed in - silly Californians.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy!

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